Upper Lip Wrinkle Treatment and Anti Aging

The upper lip is one of the more common places that wrinkles can form.  These wrinkles tend to be formed by smoking, wearing lipstick, wearing lip balms or other wax-based product or petroleum-based products on your lips.  These products put your lips in a state of severe dehydration so that they begin to pucker across the top like a drawstring.  These lines and wrinkles need upper lip wrinkle treatment so that they can be smooth and full-feeling.  Contrary to popular belief, lip balms and lipsticks are not as moisturizing as they claim to be.

Many lip products contain a type of wax or a derivative of wax which holds the product together.  The manufacturer adds emollients to make the product feel smooth and moisturizing.  You can recognize the wax or petroleum product because it repels moisture.  It this way, they prevents the mouth and tongue from doing an important job—to moisturize the lips and the tissue around the lips.  Eventually, the lips and surrounding tissue aren’t moisturized at all.  This results in a loss of lip volume and creates vertical lines on the surface of the lips as well as above and below the lips.  The most wrinkles form on the upper lip.  Without some form of lip treatment, wrinkle formation remains permanent and you can look older than your age.

The first step is to try the easiest methods.  You can decrease the appearance of upper lip wrinkles by the application of vitamin E oil, moisturizing cream, olive oil or almond oil.  Do this before you go to bed so as to keep it on your skin as long as possible.  Avoid wax-based products on your lips to allow them to naturally moisturize themselves.

However if you are looking for a specific anti aging lip treatment to restore your lips and reduce the wrinkle lines, there are medical treatments available.  Some of the treatments can last for several years while others take only  4-6 months.  Talk to your plastic or cosmetic surgeon about which kind of lip treatment you should have to reverse this particular sign of aging.

Some women use Botox wrinkle treatment for the lips as well as other areas of the face.  Botox is botulinum toxin that is injected in small doses into the muscles beneath the wrinkles.  When the muscles are relaxed, the wrinkles automatically smooth out and you look better.  Botox can be done without anesthesia in the doctor’s office and takes just a few minutes to do.  The trick is to put the Botox into the right muscles and at the right amount so the muscle relaxes easily.  Botox lasts about six months before it begins to gradually wear off.  You can have as many Botox treatments as you need to have in order to continue looking younger.

There is collagen wrinkle treatment for the upper lips.  Collagen is a natural substance that can be injected into the upper lips to fill out the lips.  It can be done into the skin or into the lip itself, or both.  The wrinkles naturally disappear and stay that way for up to a couple of years.  It takes several minutes to inject tiny amounts of collagen over the upper lip area and it should be done by a skilled plastic or cosmetic surgeon.


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