Dermabrasion -the Before and After

Dermabrasion, when done properly, leaves you looking much different after your treatments. When you look at  dermabrasion before and after photographs, you can see the sometimes remarkable results that are achieved.

In the process of dermabrasion, the skin is surgically planed, or sanded, which improves the contour of your skin, as a new layer of cells replaces the older skin. The newer skin usually has an appearance that is smoother and more healthy-looking. You will want to choose a reputable cosmetic surgeon to perform this procedure.

In the “before” photographs of dermabrasion patients, you will often see deep wrinkles, fine lines and deep acne scars. That’s because the sun or interior lighting puts these areas into shadow, which make them stand out even more. When your skin is leveled, there are no deep areas to become hidden in shadows.

If you want to look like the “after” photo of a before and after dermabrasion spread, you can find a qualified healthcare professional who will be able to improve the appearance of scars and wrinkles. You may also be treated for skin lesions, tattoo scars and liver or age spots.

You may have your dermabrasion performed either in an outpatient facility for surgery or in your cosmetic surgeon’s office. You may receive relaxation medication before your surgery, as well. Your skin will be planed with a rotary tool, to remove the outer layers and improve the surface.

After your procedure, you may feel a burning sensation in your skin. Medications will help to alleviate this pain. You’ll start to see healing in a week to ten days. The newly formed skin will look pink when you first see it, but it will develop a more normal coloration. You can use makeup to hide some of the pink coloring, but only after your skin has healed.

To protect your new skin, and make that “after” photo of the dermabrasion before after photo series look its best, avoid sunlight as much as you can for several months after the procedure. Use a sunscreen if you head outdoors.

You may experience some side effects of dermabrasion, although they are not common. Before your face is ready to be photographed for the before and after photo set, you may experience darkening of the skin, uneven skin color changes, infection and darkening of some skin areas.

After you have had your surgery, do not drink alcohol for two days. Stay away from aspirin or any products that have ibuprofen or aspirin in them, for a week post-surgery. Your doctor may also tell you not to smoke after your procedure.

The expense and moderate pain involved in dermabrasion does not dissuade many people from having this procedure done. If you are tired of seeing your acne scars or wrinkles, dermabrasion may be just what you’re looking for, to reveal younger looking skin and a fresher-looking face. Remember to heed your doctor’s instructions, and do all the post-procedure washing and ointment applications that are recommended. This will allow your “after” photo to be one you’re proud to show off.

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