Facial Rejuvenation: Fat Transfer Technique

As our bodies age, creases and wrinkles are more pronounced. Your face may lose some of its fullness, due to facial fat loss, which is why facial rejuvenation fat transfer has become a procedure that many people look into.

When the fat layer under your facial skin thins, you may see hollow areas, and the contours of your face change. This makes your face appear less full, and older. You can have facial rejuvenation procedures if you want to improve on the volume and texture of your facial skin. This entails replacing some of the facial fat you have lost, and it can help you look and feel healthier and younger.

Fat transfer procedures will use your own fat to improve the fullness of your facial features. It works better than many other wrinkle treatments, and is designed to refill the contours of your face, providing definition for your chin and cheeks. It can also help to improve areas of furrows and skin deformities. You won’t have to worry about rejection or allergic reactions, since these procedures make use of your own body’s fat cells.

Fat transfers give you benefits over other facial procedures. They improve the appearance of your aging face. The process is also natural. You can find clinics online that perform the procedure, and if you live in the Midwest and are looking for facial rejuvenation fat transfer, Chicago is a good location that offers cosmetic surgeons who perform this procedure.

Since the fat used in fat transfer is very natural to your body, you won’t have to worry about ill effects from synthetic products or materials from animals. The fat used can help in correcting imperfections in your face, including depressions and scars, and it’s an appropriate complement to resurfacing treatments on the face.

Fat injections last longer than other cosmetic products that are injected. The risks are quite minimal, although you may experience some soreness and swelling. If you would like your face to look younger, by the reduction of furrows, wrinkles, frown lines or creases, you are a good candidate for the fat transfer procedure. It can also be helpful in the augmentation of your lips. Even younger patients might be eligible for fat transfer on some occasions.

If you have experienced lipoatrophy, which causes the loss of jaw line and cheek contours, the fat transfer process may be beneficial for you. Be sure to let your healthcare professional know about any drug history you have, and any habits, like smoking.

Any creases between your eyebrows or in your forehead, as well as hollows under your eyes, can be treated properly with fat transfer rejuvenation. It can also be helpful in improving the contours around your nose and along your jaw line.

Be sure to take the time before your procedure to discuss your expectations and concerns with your cosmetic surgeon, before you undergo your fat transfer. During this consultation, the cosmetic surgeon that you have chosen will assess your body for potential sites for harvesting fat for the procedure. The process will be repeated until you have the desired amount of contouring, and when you are finished, your face will be healthy and younger looking.

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