IV Chelation Therapy for Anti Aging

IV Chelation therapy is a type of medical therapy used by conventional medical practitioners and practitioners of alternative medicine.  It is designed to rid the body of toxic minerals and metals from the body.  It is believed that IV therapy using chelation is helpful in the treatment of heart disease, strokes, atherosclerosis and other problems with circulation.

A common form of chelation therapy, oral or IV, includes the use of EDTA, which stands for ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid.  It is usually given by IV (intra venous) and is used in conventional medicine to rid the body of heavy metal or lead poisoning but is not approved by the FDA yet for the management of circulation troubles.  The molecule of EDTA works by sticking to specific minerals, which are excreted in the urine safely.

Rather than use an anti aging serum or anti aging serums to control the way you look and feel, IV or oral chelation therapy works from the inside out to keep your body healthy.  You can remove most of the common toxic heavy metals from your system, including excess iron, cadmium, lead and mercury.  Of these, iron is the most common.  Excess iron promotes oxygen free radical activity so that it leads to arterial damage and heart disease.  IV chelation can get rid of this excess of iron.

Cadmium and lead are used in industries and also lead to oxygen free radical activity and are known to poison key enzymes in the body that promote tissue repair.  Mercury is found in dental fillings and in certain types of fish.  If found in toxic amounts, it can lead to a depressed immune system and other symptoms.  Getting these toxic metals out of the system via IV chelation therapy can prevent and/or reverse atherosclerosis and its complications.

Chelation therapy works by infusing minerals, vitamins and EDTA into an IV bag.  IV vitamin therapy in Texas is one place you can go for excellent chelation therapy.  EDTA works by binding to heavy metals and being excreted through the urine.  Each IV chelation therapeutic event lasts several hours.  It takes up to twenty treatments in order to achieve the kind of heavy metal loss you need to get in order to affect atherosclerosis, heart disease and stroke, among other things.

Excess calcium in the body is removed via EDTA and chelation therapy.  Too much calcium leads to plaques in the arteries and atherosclerosis.  By getting rid of excess calcium in the body, the plaque gradually reduces in size and diameter.  Blood vessels are opened up and there is a decreased degree of atherosclerosis.

Things like hypertension (high blood pressure), leg cramps, diabetic foot ulcers and angina have been shown to be improved by IV chelation therapy.  Mental effects include an improvement in memory and in mental alertness.  Blood flow to the brain and the entire body is improved using chelation therapy.

Chelation therapy has its proponents and detractors.  If you are interested in chelation therapy to improve atherosclerosis and its complications, find a doctor that practices this form of therapy and give it a try.

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