Benefits of an Anti Aging Diet

Aging means that you’ll look older, suffer from memory loss, have decreased function of your brain and an increasing risk for chronic diseases.  One of the ways you can combat the signs of aging is to consider putting yourself on an anti aging diet. There are many foods considered to have anti aging properties for various reasons.  Some foods contain an anti aging herb, while others contain substances like resveratrol, an anti aging product found in certain foods and drinks and which block the aging process.  Other foods contain an anti aging hormone or other anti aging chemicals.

Many anti aging foods and beverages contain antioxidants, substances that reverse the signs of aging because they act directly on the cells and on the DNA inside the cells, preventing cell death and keeping the DNA of the cells from turning into cancerous DNA.  Antioxidants take care of oxygen free radicals that circulate in the cells and do damage to cellular structures.  Oxygen free radicals play a negative role in getting cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s dementia and osteoporosis—all things that worsen with age.   Aging is, in fact, a product of a lifetime of oxidative stress.

Other compounds are not anti oxidants but address inflammation in the body.  Foods can be anti inflammatory, pro inflammatory or neutral.  Anti inflammatory foods and antioxidant foods are the best choices to enhance the anti aging process.  Common foods that have these properties include richly colored vegetables and fruits of any kind and cold water fish.

There are foods you must avoid because they are pro inflammatory.  These include trans fatty acids, saturated fatty acids, sugars and starches.  These actually accelerate the process of aging.

Foods you should consider include natural tea for anti aging.  These can include green tea, white tea or black tea.  They contain ECGC, which naturally slows the aging process.  Other foods you can consider include cold water fish, rich in omega 3 fatty acids that have an anti inflammatory effect on the body.  Fruits and vegetables are loaded with anti oxidants.  Whole grains lower cholesterol and have phytonutrients in them similar to fruits and vegetables.  Don’t forget legumes, which have lots of nutrients packed into a small space.  Yogurt contains probiotics that keep your colon young and healthy.  Nuts contain vitamin B substances, which are good for your skin, your brain and your heart.  They maximize the elastin and collagen in your skin.  Water is also vitally important, as it hydrates your skin, maximizes your circulation and hydrates your body on the inside.

There are specific superfoods that have anti inflammatory properties that also prolong life.  These include the allium vegetables like chives, onions and scallions.  Acai fruits are also life prolonging.  Other superfoods include barley, buckwheat, wheat grass, lentils, beans, hot peppers, nuts, seeds, yogurt and sprouts.

Include these foods in your diet and you will have all the anti aging properties you need.  Many don’t need to be eaten more than one to three times a week.  Make sure your diet is broad based and you can’t go wrong.

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